Porch Activities: Your Children will Love

If you have a porch or is planning to have a porch then this is something that you would like to read on. Porches are not only for the adult to unwind but also for the babies in your life. A great Decks & Patios of Richmond can help you design your porch to be relaxing to both the adults and toddlers in the house. There are many awesome activities you can do with your children in your porch. Forget about going to a public park or playground, just gave fun with your backyard.  

Activity 1: Concert 

You can have your child to have an outdoor concert in your porch. You’ll to arrange their toys as if they are having a real concert. Bust out their stuff toys so they have impromptu audience besides you. You can also improvise with the concert instrument using what you have around the house and the kitchen.  

Activity 2: Painting  

This is something you can do outside because clean up will be easier. You can have your child explore his creativity with playing with paints. You can also have mud if you like. The important thing is that you allow them to play with colors and even if they do not understand you just let them be.  

Activity 3: Toss like a Boss  

This one is pretty easy to do, your child has to stand behind a line and have them shoot their toys inside a hamper or basket. This is actually something that can make the game more fun. You can even be like in a carnival and have a reward for them if they shoot the toys in the basket.  

Activity 4: Water Bender  

This one is another game that your child will love especially in hot summer days. Fill several basins with varying sizes with water. You also need toys that they can float in the basins. What the child will do is to fill the basins with water. They will then put inside the basin the toys and see if they can float or not. They’ll have to experiment with this activities.  

Note: You are not to leave the child unattended with this as it can be a hazard to them.  

Activity 5: Bubble Land  

This is basically just your child playing with bubbles. You can opt to make your DIY bubbles or buy them ready made in the store. As discussed before it is important that you have an eye out for the child as it could be dangerous if you don’t watch over them.  

Those are a few of the activities that you can do in your porch with a child. They are fun and easy to execute. They also help the child develop their skills like hand- eye coordination- fine motor skills, creativity, identify shapes and colors better and many more. Giving your child a time where he can explore on his own and make connections is something that is crucial in the development of the child.  


Tips for When You Go Travelling

In today’s time our world or to be specific the modern generation likes to travel. There is something beautiful with travelling besides the spots you can visit. Travelling to a place you’ve never been to will give you a perspective and allows you to widen the world you live in.

Some people like the help of a travel agency to aid them with their travel plans. Some also like to pack up some things and just go wherever their feet takes them. No matter what type of traveler you are there are some reminders that you should remember so that your journey would be a pleasant one.

Travel Tip 1: Pack Light

Perhaps this is the most obvious thing to do for any traveler. Travel light, is something that traveler likes to do as it allows for easy maneuvering, less baggage to look out for and more reason to enjoy the journey. Bring the essentials, towels, socks and whatever you can bring. The others you don’t need to bring in abundance for and if there will be problems you can always buy them instead.

Travel Tip 2: Bank Card

Back- up plan is always nice as it can give you the peace of mind. Incidents happen that could be out of your control and you don’t want to be stranded in a foreign land without a back- up plan. So, bring extra bank cards or credit cards. You can also use a no- fee bank, it is important that you do this so that you can save more in the process.

Travel Tip 3: Go Solo

Try travelling on your own even once in a lifetime. Go pick a place in the map, pack up and go start and adventure. Research about the best destinations of that place or you can ask the local if they speak the same language or you know how. There is just something with travelling solo that allows you to feel free and gives you a set of fresh eyes.

Travel Tip 4: Extra

You should always make extra copies of your passports and other important documents. You never know what could happen and you don’t want to be stuck in the airport with no paper to show the staff. It is always a plus if you come in prepared, when you go out to roam the streets make sure to take only the things that you need for that excursion.

Travel Tip 5: Open

Be open to strangers, well of course with a dash of cautious in there but don’t be close minded and open your mind to possibilities. Allow yourself to hear stories even if you seem to think that it is strange. You never know what kind of gold you will find in their stories. Open your mind to opportunities being in a foreign land and experiencing their culture is a way to broaden your world. So, don’t stay in your comfort zone challenge it and accept the world as it is.



Parties come along with everything. In order for you to celebrate an event you have to be pretty sure that all of the stuff is complete and in order. This will make everyone happy and enjoyable during the said event. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to have a great birthday. It is not always like that, it is always how good and creative are you in making this possible. The denver party bus rental is always there for all the stuff that you would be needing. They are just one call away from you.

Let’s see what are the stuff that you need to make sure you have for the party.

  1. CAKE: If there is a birthday party, cake is always present. This is the symbol for kids to know if there is a birthday party. You can order it from your local bakeshop which could be a little expensive but of course there is always another way. You can look and search for some recipe on how to make it. You can buy the ingredient in your local super market. It is up to you now on how you are going to make it and what flavor do you like to have? Make sure that the taste would be likeable to the kid’s palate.
  2. BALLOONS: It would make the venue a bit of interesting and attractive to the kids. Aside from cake, this is another item that you can’t forget whenever there is a gathering or event. You could choose from the different colors that is has. You can also let them print some words or phrases on the balloon. There could have a lot of sizes as well for this.
  3. PARTY HATS: For teenagers, it would not be so important to have it. But for most of the children, it is fun wearing birthday hat. So, make sure it is part of your list.
  4. CLOWN: Clowns could add the touch of excitement and fun during the actual celebration. It can make people laugh especially to the kids. Since, they are wearing colorful costumes, it would literally match to the party. Some of the kids are scared of the clowns, be sure to know if there is someone there to your invited guests who don’t like clowns.
  5. MAGICIANS: If you can afford to have someone to do some magic tricks it would be very nice. Kids would love to see some magical tricks that a person can do in front of them. They will be amazed and even sometimes they want to try it, too. If you can’t afford the fee for this, you can either choose between a clown and a magician.
  6. GAMES: everyone is waiting for it. Children would definitely join and participate to any kinds of games that you are going to throw and have. They are waiting for the prize that you will give when they win the competition.